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Fit a DVD Player in DIN Slot

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  • Fit a DVD Player in DIN Slot

    Hello All,
    I have a VIA EPIA Nehemiah M10000 in a Chyang Fun E-Note Case running Windows XP mounted in the boot of my car. My Lillyput screen is mounted on a bracket on the dash, and I do not want to put my (yet to purchase) dvd drive in the case in the boot. I would like to remove my Sony minidisc headunit DIN-E size and replace it with a dvd player that I can connect to my pc either through USB or FireWire. Is it possible to get a dvd player DIN-E size that will connect to a pc and act as a standard dvd drive? If not then what is the best solution for mounting a 5.25" / Slimline dvd drive in a DIN-E slot (are there any brackets I can buy).


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    I'm not sure if this will do the trick for you, but it sounds like it.

    Check it out:
    So far:
    M10000 Nehemiah, 1Gb RAM, Opus 90w PS, Buffalo Tech WLI2-USB2-G54, 160 Gb HDD, GlobalSat BU-353 GPS, iGuidance, Zippy EL-610, Panasonic CW8123B Slim Slot CDRW/DVD, 10" Lilliput, Sony XA-300, Sony CDX-MP30 Head, OBD-II


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      That is a great find just the job i think


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        I had posted something a while back that gigabyte now sells.

        Search for it under my id...