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How does this system sound?

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  • How does this system sound?

    I wanna know what problems or things u might see with my system...
    353.99 - Computer w/ :
    Micro ATX mobo
    6.4GB hardrive
    K6-II 500mhz w/ 3D now
    64MB 168 DIMM SDRAM
    Flex ATX Microcase w/ ATX PS
    Raite 8x DVD-Rom drive
    Creative Labs DVD Decoder
    PowerDVD software
    Windows ME (already have)

    25.00 - shutdown controller
    250.00 - 5.6"LCD
    59.99 - aux in adapter (for toyota factory stereos)
    4.00 - fan/blower
    50.00 - keyspan remote control
    89.99 - Etak Skymap2000
    39.99 - StarPower DC/AC Inverter


    what do ya think? I am gonna use hibernation btw. would all of the computer stuff fit in the mobo? I know the GPS and SC will b/c it has 2 DB9's. wondering bout the cards and drives ect. And most prices from directron.

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    Looks pretty good to me. Mind if I ask where you are getting your 5.6" LCD? That's a pretty decent price.


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      Im gonna get one off of Ebay for that much.
      Most of the 5.6's are going for less than that and I haven't seen many go over so thats why i put that price. Most likely gonna be an Mobile Authority.


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        6.4 GB is kinda small... I've got about 12 GB of mp3's right now (~175 cd's)


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          about the size of hard drive.....

          has anyone noticed this before, I have a 40 gig in my car and well i was just trying to fill it with mp3's. I borrowed friends collections of cds and i even went to the local library and borrowed around 25 cds a week to rip out. Now i have almost too many mp3's ... sounds odd but ya i do, i mean its not like im gonna listhen to 10 different versions of bethovens 9th.. I guess i just got addicted to it.

          So has this happened to anyone else where you realize that you have so many mp3's that you will never listhen to? I mean it just sounds like a waste.

          By the way my car computers collection is up to around 400-500 albums....

          (i forgot to say... sometimes i wish i had a smaller hard drive so it would force me to restrict myself on what i put on the system) although i agree 6 gig is too small

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            well i currently only have 2.09 GB of MP3s. Since 1998. of course i have recently got the cable internet which has made a big difference. And I am sure I will upgrade to a bigger HD in the future. I just wanna get my system in and working then i will upgrade when i get the extra money.


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              I leave winamp on random, and listen to just about anything in my collection that comes on (2200 songs right now )



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                I have been putting my mp3 collections on CD (you know like a hundred songs perdisk)

                Because I am afraid my collection will be lost do to a HD crash and I will have to start over...about 15 minutes per CD takes a while.

                current projects


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                  40 GIGS!?!?!
                  Just how much driving do you do???
                  CarPC Stolen. Starting over.
                  Ne1 recognize the avatar?


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                    If you already have the hardware, start building. But if you are going to buy the parts, think of the following:

                    - A P133 running win95+winamp with 16Mb RAM is ok. More RAM and processor speed is overkill if it's only used as Mp3-player.

                    - A would put the money for a bigger harddrive + a nice soundcard.

                    - Dont forget how to get your mp3-cd's into the harddrive. Are you going to attach a monitor and keyboard everytime you have to download? A 100Mps network card could be an easy way. Cheap to.
                    Volvo 740 - P133/16 - 40Gb - In Dash 4x CD - 40x4 LCD - 100 Mpbs - Custom Keyb


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                      i know of a cheaper place for a 5.6" LCD.

                      $220 shipped @

                      I have one of these and it's great.

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                      Pioneer KEH-P5700 with modified Aux In on IP-BUS input and remote, 10" Amplified Bazooka, stock 6 speaker system.
                      Removeable 5.6" LCD, mounted on dash, Q-lity BookPC ( w/ serial ports ), Celeron 667mhz, 64MB SDRAM PC100, 45 gig Maxtor HD, 24X slim CDROM, Finger Mouse, IRMAN, GPS receiver (RandMcNally), 300W Inverter.
                      WinMe slightly modified
                      IRAssistant, Winamp, DeLorme RWE, AudioCatalyst mp3 ripper, on screen keyboard, everything controlled by HU's remote =)

                      Winamp plugins :
                      SEXY ANALYZER, GUEISS, EONIC, and others i can't recall...
                      04 Acura TL w/ core2duo 2ghz laptop w/ 1gb RAM on a docking station.

                      Fast car, fast PC. ;)


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                        Backslash - This is going to be a DVD. GPS. MP3 system. I dont think 16megs and 133 is gonna drive a clear dvd picture quality. And I have a burner and I can fit all my MP3s on two or three CD's so thats how I will put them on my computer. If I have the money I wikll get a bigger HD. And I have a USB soundcard already to put in it.

                        Moahdib - I was kinda going for an LCD with a nice digital hightech look that would be really slim and not a lot of surface around the screen. And I'de like to ask what a Q-lity bookpc is and how u got serial ports on it and how much one cost?


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                          No offense, but you people out there putting DVD players in your cars are a bunch of freaks. At what point exactly do you intend to be watching a movie while driving?


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                            Rocket...damn, you're thick. The DVD player is for the passenger(s)!


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                              yea buddy the DVD is for the passenger. Lets not be selfish when makinf ur system I think it's a nice little show off feature too. It adds to the glamour of it.