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    I was wondering if anyone has had any great success with a certain video card with video output. I have a Alpine CVA-1005 screen. I have video inputs and currently use a dvd player and playstation. I have a pc I want to put in the trunk but am concerned with the quality of the picture in windows. I don't know what resolution to use and what a good video card for that would be. I know that there are alot out there, but I am sure one of you are using one that just looks great. Please help. Thanks

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    If it's a video (ntsc) screen, a computer output will be hard to read, unless you double the font size. Just about any video card with tv out will do (I have a viper v330, you can get those really cheap now)

    A computer's lowest resolution possible is 640x480

    Most video screens run on 320x234 or something similar.