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still blowing fuses

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  • still blowing fuses

    Ok..i've been doing some troubleshooting and i've narrowed the blown fuses down to 2 things. Either the barrel plug or the slide switch. Im leaning towards the slide switch though. Its a SPST heavy duty Slide Switch rated 6A at 125vac...
    could this be the problem?
    btw: im using a 1amp fuse on my partsexpress 4" tft

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    Try using a 5amp fuse... and check the wire they might be making contact with each other when the vehicle moves


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      and how often are u blowing fuses?

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        So you only blow fuses when the cord is plugged into the display?

        It is time to isolate, unhook the wireing harness from where it plugs into the LCD circuit least on mine there is a four ping plug that has the power and video input.

        then just plug your power into that part of the wiring and play with the switch, if it doesn't blow, either you have a bad LCD or a miswired plug (and now toast LCD).

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          If your blowing fuses with a SPST switch, it's not the switch. Probably the plug. Barrel (phone) plugs short when they are inserted or removed.

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