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Been browsing the forum a while, have some questions before i start

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  • Been browsing the forum a while, have some questions before i start

    before i start purchasing all of the components i am thinking about. This is actually a project a friend and I are both doing to our cars at the same time, we both have the same car so it makes it a tiny bit simplier. here is what i am thinking of purchasing...please let me know if i will have any hardware issues or other forseen probelms with drivers ect.

    Liliput Screen (with touchscreen), or xenarc if necessary
    A desktop hd, (not sure what type of adapter i would need, please help)
    A desktop DVD drive or slim line (notebook? drive) Again not sure what adapters
    I guess i would also need a power supply, what is the best at most reasonable price
    Also i want to hook up 2 or more screens, will i need an additonal video card or can the m10000 support this.
    The audio will be going to my headunit via an adapter, will it sound good enough thru the m10000 board or do i need an adapter.

    please if anyone has any suggestions or problems i will face or knows of adapters i will need PLEASE let me know.

    also how much ram will i need and what will fit the m10000, (been such a while since i have dealt with computer upgrades and so forth)


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    Welcome. These are all good questions to start with, but they have been more or less covered on this forum. I hate to refer to "search search search", but just so you know, most, if not all, of these things have been covered.

    Epias support PC-2100/2700, not sure about max, but 512 would probably be overkill.

    You won't need an apdaptor for your 3.5 inch drive, that's standard, and depending weather your DVD Drive is regular or laptop, you may need one.
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      Concerning power supply,if you know how to solder and get free samples,Mastero's new Sproggy Mk 3.5 semi kit seems the way to go(he just lowered the price to US$ 50 with shipping);if you do not know to solder (and do not want to learn)or have too much money get a Opus (90w or 150 w).
      Before you start to build or buy,spend a few hours every day for the next few weeks to read for the last two-three months post's on this forum,it will help you and you will get a lot of good ideas;after that go make a lot of money,you will need it!