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    I am planning to have sound system and computer system installed in the TT. Afterall, this question is pretty universal. For audio, I am going to run a full focal speaker set-up with McIntosh amps.. That I am pretty sure about, but I am pretty stumped on the computer aspect of this project. The plans are to enclose the computer in a plexiglass case with the internals visible. It is important that these internals be visible... The display for this computer will be mounted in the glove box and, hopefully, the keyboard and mouse will use bluetooth.Waht I do not know is what knd of computer to get, what kind of display to get, and what kind of nav software to get . . . No idea, so any help would be great!!

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    welcome to the boards, HOWEVER, you should do some reading and searching around on the site and you will find ALL of your answers

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      First off, I can tell you what I would use for setup, and someone else could tell you something entirely different for what their ideal setup would be. bottom line is everyones rig is going to be a little different, and suited to them personally.

      I highly suggest spending about 3 weeks reading thorugh the last few months of posts on the board. You'll get all kinds of ideas for what will and wont work for you personally. then all you have to do is decide which one to go with!

      Good Luck!
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        lilliput VGA screen from eBay
        GPS unit from eBay
        OPUS power supply from
        MediaCar software