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Audio through CD Changer connectors??

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  • Audio through CD Changer connectors??

    I have a Panasonic CD Player (CQ-RDP965LEN) currently in my car, and I am wondering if it is possible to use the CD Changer audio in connectors to wire up the mp3 player i am building?
    Is this possible? I do have an Audio In connector, but it is at the front of the head unit and will look ugly wired up!

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    I saw a site on the webring where a guy did this, in a BMW I think. I don't know if he had a Panasonic or what. I'll try to find it for you.

    Found it

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      Thanx for such a swift reply man. I have sen this webpage too, and this guy is lucky, ive tried what he has tried to do (wiring up a walkman to the cd changer L/R connectors and nothing comes out!)
      My cd players far toooo intelligent GRRRRR!
      Any other suggestions welcomed though, thanx mate.


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        You want to try and find which wires carry the audio to the head unit (It is very unlikely that the digital audio is decoded byt the head unit).

        I'm assuming you have the cd-changer already

        Remove the cover from the connector at the use an oscilloscope to check each connection for audio while the changer is playing. If you don't have a oscilloscope use a small speaker of headphone in series with a 500ohm reistor as an audio probe.

        If you don't have the cd-changer or the aux audio input adapter you can pretty much forget about hacking into the cd-audio in as it required communication with changer or aux adapter to work. Your best bet would be to open up the head unit and wire in some external connectors to the front audio input connector.

        Or you could always buy the appropriate aux input adapter



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          Ooooh more people replying, I like this Ok I dont have a CD changer, just the capability of having one. The two connectors to the CD changer unit would be ideal for input!!!
          DAMN! Cmon Panasonic people tell me how!


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            Anybody try this with the Ford Factory CD Player in Premium sound 97-up? I have a 97 f-150 I want to do it in. The connector is proprietary tho, just wondering if anyone had done it before I go tearing it up!
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              Im just about to try the same thing with a kenwood head unit. I was just curious about how inteligent the head unit is, at this stage I cant get the head unit to select CD in without the head unit attached (and I have no head unit). has anyone bought a proper line in atachment from kenwood and if so hows it look?



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                I also have a Kenwood unit with seperate CD Player. While rumaging through the Kenwood forums, I discovered that Kenwood makes an adapter cable that uses the CD Player connector and has LINE INPUTS !!! It was called a CAI-CXA (something like that) Cable. I don't know if it is made to go between the CD/Stereo or if it is just for Line input only (I want to keep my CD Player connected). I do have the service guide for my unit (705), and it shows the analog inputs as pin12/L, pin8/R and pin6/Ground...I think, don't quote me yet, I will try to get back with a confirmation on those numbers.

                Has anybody found a good FM Xmitter???