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  • Noise problem

    What is the best way to filter noise from my system ? I have a 300W inverter in my trunk hooked upto a 133mhz computer. I get a humming sound through the speakers when I power up the inverter. I grounded it and the computer case and the powersupply and it reduced the noise but not all of it. Also when I start the car you can hear the altenator. Help please. Thanks.

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    Umm you shouldnt even have it on when you start the car- nothing should be on.. thats too much of a drain on the electrical system, your starter dont get enough power... your alternator only recharges the battery when hte car is running.. while starting the only thing that should make noise is starter.. again though, nothing else in the car should be on when starting the car.. it can damage the items (starting the car creates a huge voltage drop to anything running, then the voltage spikes back up to near 16volts then back down to 14.4... its your best bet not to even have inverter on when starting the car.

    And the noise, try using one of those 3 prong to 2 prong adapters.. that worked for someone in the channels.. im gonna try it once i get my inverter back from statpower (it blew up, dont know how, dont know why).
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