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Best way to power my system

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  • Best way to power my system

    Using Texas Instruments Extensa laptop with a broken screen. It's battery appears to be 10.8volt, and the ac adapter appears to be pumping out 19 volts.
    my options seem to be

    a> get a power inverter and connect that to the ac adapter.
    b> just wire the cars 12volt dc up to the battery terminals and hope that it isn't too much for the system
    c> get a 12v->19v converter, then just plug it into the same place as the ac adapter goes

    am I missing something? anyone know where to get a 12v->19v converter cheap?

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    Radio Shack has a universal dc-dc convertor for exactly that application. It costs about $80. Also check out as they have an extensive catalog of accessories for mobile computing. They carry the Targus version of the power supply that RS has.


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      err head many people actauly do that connecting the 10.8volt to car battery
      those PS have good regulation circuits which means you wont damaged it even if you connect few volts more.

      Anyway good luck with it im prety sure i should work witout a problem!

      P.S Dont worry about using 19volt input and dont bother getting a convert for it its not really worth it as you can connect it through 10.8v input!


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