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  • 20 years of music..........

    Was reading an article today and thought it would be of interest to all concerned about storage. Article was about a new storage medium that will should go into production in 2 or three years that will store 10.8TB (yes that is terabytes) of data in the size of a credit card. They say production cost will be arount $50 so that would make the final product affordable. Did some calcculations and if you could get the 2.6 million songs you could listen for 20 years and not hear a duplicate. Hows that for a mobile player. If your interested in reading it do a Google search for Keele High Density and you will find several articles about it.

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    I couldn't find much info in the way of throughput...Any idea what it might be?
    After all, it's kinda hard listening to streaming audio from my 80 Gig tape drive

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      ...with the result that very significant increases are achieved not only in memory capacity, but also for bandwidth capacity and processor speeds......

      Sounds like bandwith isn't a problem.
      Plus it's solid state. That would be soooo nice.
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        $50 for production costs, im gonna hate to see what it after markup. Probably gonna be like $4000, heh :P
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          It did say in one of the articles that it would make a 1.5Ghz machine run like a 12Ghz machine. It did say solid state but it also states that there are moving parts for moving and focusing the optics. I think the movement is will be in the drive. You just slide the card in the drive and the laser?? moves and focuses on the surface of the disk/card. I'm wondering if this comes out will the windows 2002 install be 5 terabytes?????????