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Head Unit Installed, Pics coming soon! (Still need help)

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  • Head Unit Installed, Pics coming soon! (Still need help)

    Alright, after more than 5 hours work me and my bud finnally got my head unit in (flip face) It was a harse battle between us and the evil plastic and heater that is in the way and crappy owners of a busness that did not know what they were talking about but bull****ted us into buying a $30 cable then we had to return it and get them to give us another one.
    We finally just rigged it to work, now I have a few major problems:

    1) The stereo does not turn off
    We tried splicing into the cig lighter outlet for ACC power as when I put a multimeter up to it and the car was on we had 12v when I turned the car off and took the key out 12v when I opened the door I got 0.00 So, I figured since this was how we did it before if the cig lighter read 0.00 when door was opened then it would work... WRONG
    Maybe there is another way of getting an ACC wire does anybody know of a way because I really don't want to go back to the ****ty store and ask them for the power supply they were talking about.

    2) I need a custom anetenna wire, I thought of using co-ax but after 5 hours my brain is fried and can't figure a way to do this, Would a CB radio cable work? does any one have any idea?

    Anyhow it looks good in there and PS2 was kick *** while eating late night wendy's. The computer will be coming soon so be on standby!!

    Forgot to tell you the box is under the seat so I need maybe 6ft of anetenna wire and don't really feel like digging the old one out incase I sell the car
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