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    Finally back into looking for parts for my carputter. Had an accident a few months ago that cost me 5K of repairs, so that set my carputter back for a bit... But now back to researching, and I've found some new interesting stuff since last time i looked at these parts. So just wondering what you guys think of these systems, if anyone had any experience with them?

    To start off, the new Epia II, from what i understand there are no significant performance improvements over the m10000 right? PCMCIA card is not that crytical, I was planning to use a wireless usb adapter anyway (comes out to be cheaper, figures...)

    Now how about the new p4 bundle available at logicsupply:

    It seems pretty darn nice, but I'm wondering if you guys think it will hold up in a carputter, with power consumption and all.

    One more question, C3 proc is the same as nehemiah core correct? Just want to verify. ( )

    Oh yeah, does anyone know any Canadian retailers/online stores (besides tigerdirect) who sell any of this mini itx stuff? The brokerage fees for importing this stuff to canada are ridicoulous. Just bought a mp3 player from ebay, and had to pay almost 45% of it's cost to cover brokerage.
    VIA Epia II
    256MB 266DDR Ram
    90GB Wester Digital
    Bluetooth/Deluo GPS
    Lilliput 7" Touchscreen
    Mazda 6 Carputter > Click Me!