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On/Off Illuminated Power Switch for Car PC?

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  • On/Off Illuminated Power Switch for Car PC?


    Have my Lexan Case all built now. I just sand blasted yesterday for an awesome frosted look and am looking for on/off switch that is illuminated with a blue LED. I have done many searchesin google and found several push button switches but don't know if i need a special type of switch for the Motherboard.

    Edit: Can these Switches be used?
    or how about this for a power switch?

    If any one can suggest a supplier of PC switches that are illuminated i would be most gratefull.

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    As long as its a momentary switch you won't have to do anything fancy.


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      the second one will work, the first will not
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        I just realized that the Opus power supply will plug into the F_Panel (front panel LED's/Switches) on the EPIA M10000. Can I run both of those (the opus and a ,anual switch) to the Power Switch terminal on the motherboard so that i can manually turn on/shut down my machine?
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          You can run the Opus and the manual switch together. Opus doesnt reccoment this because it can confuse the power supply (it will turn on when its suppossed to turn off if you turn it off while the car is running) I have mine setup with the case power supply AND opus just incase I dont want it on while the car is on, or for whatever reason.


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            ELEmental, could you explain that more?

            Where does your case power supply connect to?


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              I would assume that you just tie into the two pins on your motherboard that are for the power switch.

              I would like to do this too just incase i don't want my computer running while the car is on.

              That switch that i want to get is like 35 buck though and a little to big for my case. I wish they made a smaller one
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