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CPU Heat question: Which one would generate less heat?

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  • CPU Heat question: Which one would generate less heat?

    I already have an AMD mobo.... (MN31N), so getting a P4, or 3 isn't an option.

    The question is this:
    Will an Athlon XP 1600 running at full speed generate less heat than an Athlon XP 2200 underclocked to the same speed? (Theoretical)

    I need to buy a CPU, and have a couple of friends with some extra hardware.
    Obviously I want the best option.... My car-pc case is going to be housed in a custom box with my stereo amp, alone with 2 80mm case fans to push air in from the side, drawing air across the motherboard, and pull out on the other side of the amp.... I am really concerned about temps...

    My system consists of:
    Ordered (or already have):
    * Opus 150W PSU
    * Shuttle MN31N
    * 256 mb PC2100
    * 2 USB 2.0 External HDDS (2 10's)(bus powered)
    * 1 External DVD-rom (bus powered)
    * 2 80MM ball-bearing case fans...

    Need to get:
    * Lilliput 619
    * AMD CPU

    Any input on the CPU temps. would be helpful.
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    it should be about the same. I'd even try to underclock the 1600 if possible. I run a 800 and its more then enough power
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      I'm not completely sure about this, but I think that the XP 1600 is 0.18µm, and the XP 2200 is 0.13µm. That should mean that the 2200 would require less power and generate less heat when underclocked to 1.4GHz than the XP 1600.


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        I run an AMD board also. Currently running an XP2000. Temps on CPU (according to Motherboard Monitor) are 123° to 127°. This is with the heater on and the car nice and toasty warm here in Ohio. The case is also enclosed, and temps are in the low 100°'s. I am not currently running a fan on the case. That will happen when I put the XP2700+ in. At these temeratures, I am not worried. Unless you have a real problem with the temps in your case, why would you even want to consider under-clocking? Best advice is "watch it, and see".

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          don't just under clock it, after you found the speed you want. start backing off the cpu voltage then run a stability test to make sure it still runs fine. under clocking alone will not do a lot.
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            so, is the general concensus for me to go with the 2200?
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              yeah... the lower speed amd XP processors ran hot due to the micron size. get the 2200, in the long run it's worth it.
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