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  • Help!

    Is there anyone know how to link the EP7209 to the IDE device, like a Harddisk or ZIP driver?
    I'm sorry that my English is not very well.
    Thanks a lot!

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    Uhm what is the part "EP7209" is it a motherboard part number, a hard disk ... what is it ?
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      I did a little searching and I found this for that part number

      EP7209: Ultra-Low-Power Audio Decoder System-on-Chip so I am going to guess that is what lation is talking about so I am guess he wants some way to be able to use this chip (it seems to be some sort of mpeg decoder chip) for decoding the mp3's but wants some way to read them from a hard/zip drive to get them there.


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        yes! I want to do a mp3 player by chip EP7209 and ZIP driver, But I can't found the interface of the IDE in EP7209, So who can give an advice to me ?
        I know that some type of ZIP is USB interface and it's fit for the EP7209, But I only wanna use IDE driver for I has one.
        If else, Is there any chip can link to ZIP driver?
        A full question, isn't it?
        But I'd never made anything about mp3 player before, I wanna do one for my car by myself.