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Using Dreamcast VMU for LCD and Controls.

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  • Using Dreamcast VMU for LCD and Controls.

    it would be awesome if there was a link cable between the dreamcast VMU and the PC. Then you would have you LCD and Controls all in to one thing for only 30 bucks.I if you think you know how to achieve this post your idea.
    Just an Idea

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    I think that would be quite a bit of work since people are still in the process of trying to get it connectd to the pc and the only thing they seem to be able to do is transfer files to and from it right now I belive?
    and even after you get get it connected to the pc you would still have to write some soft of software to communicate with the VMU and control winamp also (the winamp part is not hard but I dont know about the VMU part yet (may not be real hard depending on how much of the protocol is worked out by then) also if I rememebr correctly the LCD on those would be a little small for an Mp3 player ? but even having said all that I would still like to see it if somebody manages to get it working.



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      Small as it is it would work with a scroll. ANd you can put some really cool logos on it too.