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uTV-2000 - VGA to Composite - Opinion?

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  • uTV-2000 - VGA to Composite - Opinion?


    Saw this and thought I would post it. I did a first and didn't find anything..

    I know composite out from computer to a TV screen would give you terrible quality, but I saw this and it claims that there is no resolution loss. I find that very hard to believe due to the fact that computer monitors have a finer pitch than tv screens.

    Maybe this could be a solution for somebody if it works? I'm doing the VGA route to a liliput or one of digitalww's 7'' screens.

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    wont work.

    EVEN IF you were to send a perfect signal from the VGA=>composite converter down the wire to the display it wouldnt work because the supported resolution on a TV is 1/3 that of VGA. the TV itself just isnt capable of displaying anything like that. and any monitor that IS capable of doing that already has VGA input =D
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      Thought so... thanks for the input
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