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securing palm to hotsync cradle in car

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  • securing palm to hotsync cradle in car

    Almost done with the wifes car
    using a Palm IIIe connected to the serial port running palmamp to control winamp on the mp3 player. everything appears fine in terms of control and usage, except keeping the palmpilot secured in the hotsync cradle.

    My first plan is to put some velcro on the dash, and on the base of the hotsync unit. The security of the palmpilot in the hotsync cradle doesn't appear to be up to this kind of installation, just in test usage they keep coming disconnected, never mind what would happen in highspeed cornering.

    I could simply superlue the pilot into the cradle, but that seems extreme.

    I've seen a hotsync cable, don't know if that connects more securely or not. If that works better, I guess I could put the velcro on the back of the pilot and affix it directly to the dash somewhere.

    Anyone else using a pilot have any ideas/comments/suggestions on the best way to mount it?

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    I use the hotsync cable it has two clips on the side to keep it plugged in.
    <A HREF="[/URL" TARGET=_blank>


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      You could also then get a holder for the Palm that would better secure it to the car. Check out as they carry a lot of Palm stuff, including car mounts


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        I know this is a pretty old thread!
        I'm doing a bit of historical research into this area.
        I'm none too techy so I'll ask a dumb question anyway.
        I know you can control the mp3 player with the palmamp software, but ..... could you control the PDA (and any music stored on it) from the car computer end of things?
        Kind of how it's done these days with ipod connectivity.