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one more thing abot the sharp 6in

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  • one more thing abot the sharp 6in

    Hey guys,

    After much trial an error i finally got my eio sharp 6 in screen to power up when i tur on my computer power supply, now the only thing left for me to figure out ishow to get video to appear on the damn thing. If anyone has any suggestions on which wires from the screen i should connect to the rca video cable of my video output, it would be greatly apreciated. This is my last obstacle before my dream of having an in car multi media system is realized.

    thanks in advance guys


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    Aladdin -

    Have you seen my Sharp 6" LCD page yet?

    I have info there about which pins to connect video signal to. Pin 11 is the main Video Input pin, and this gets connected to the center pin of the RCA connector. The sheild on the RCA connector just gets connected to one of the GND pins (pin 6, 8, or 20). It would be a good idea to connect all grounds to a common point to reduce interference.

    I believe you sent me an e-mail about this LCD a while ago -- if you did, I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner!

    I hope you find this info useful, and I hope the installation goes well.

    Jason Johnson
    Yorba Linda, California

    MPC Phase IV - *** PENDING ***


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      Do you have the $99 version or the $150 version?
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