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    Had my Xterra in storage for a year while I was out dodging RPGs in the desert. Before I left, I don't recall too many problems with the computer. I'm running an Epia M900 with a laptop DVD, OPUS, and 40GB HD. My problems are: sudden lock ups, total shut down while driving, and really bad distortion on some songs - including the XP start up sound. The sound works fine when used on regular PC speakers, and the truck speakers work fine with the radio, CDs, etc. I'm running the computer through an FM modulator. The whole thing gets pretty warm under the seat, but not much more than it does just sitting on the counter. Anyone have some solutions? Thinking about getting a head unit with RCA inputs and ditching the FM mod.

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    when i first started i used a FM modulator and everything sounded good but a month in it slowly went downhill and i was getting so much noise it wasn't funny. It sounded awfull. I got a HU with aux inputs and that solved the problem. If you can pull out your system bring it inside and test the sound on computer speakers. If it works inside its your fm modulator.

    As for random reboots.. might wanna check heat in the case.. install at least 1 case fan for output and punch some holes in the case if you made one. Ideal you'd want one intake and another outtake.

    Also might wanna run a memory tester on your ram
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      yeah check heat and dust. a lot of dust can collect in a year. even if inside storage unit.
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        Glad you made it back in one piece. You here for a while, or are they gonna send you back to the beach in 2 weeks?
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          Nope, I'm back to stay - for now - I hope... Want to get my computers all up and running first


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            Just a thought:
            If you want to make sure that it is the FM modulator, disconnect it from car PC and take it inside. Hook it up to a different PC indoors and fire up the radio in the house - or just contact a portable radio's antenna to the antenna connector on the modulator. It should pick up the FM mod - if it's fuzzy and distorted inside, you know it's the modulator.
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              infx... i have random lock ups too but totally not heat related.... i have NO idea why mine is locking up, my system/cpu is running at a very low temp. this makes no sense as of now... the only thing i can think of is either
              1) Motherboard/CPU is faulty
              2) Memory is bad
              3) Unknown software conflict (probably means a format is necessary

              honestly, i REALLY hope its just a bad stick of memory, ill put in another stick i have laying around and ill see if that fixes the lockups! I also heard the VIA Epia boards are CRAP, so it could be that as well. Keep me updated as to what you think your problem is with the lockups. thanks!
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                Sudden lockups sound like heat... Try it on the counter, or next to an open window while driving. If it locks up under heavy load inside the house, try a regular PC power supply, or swapping the ram, cpu, hdd, etc... Can you narrow the lockups down to a specific program or event which always causes it to lock up?
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