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    hey guys,
    Does anyone know of any dvd players that are self loading meaning that a tray doesnt pop out to load. I am wondering about this because i want to put a dvd player in my car in the future and i think it would be cool if it loaded like car cd players. Also do dvd roms come in usb version?? this would be ideal for placing the dvd rom far away from the computer. Any urls would be appreciated.

    thanks guys

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    <A HREF = "">Pioneer</A> makes some slot load usb version but there is a could buy as scsi drive and mounting box and use a usb-scsi can pickup a box at way might get kinda expensive but its the only way i know of to get slot load


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      AOpen makes IDE slot load DVD drives.. they are made by pioneer though. The new Pioneer 10x DVD drives come in slot and tray load.. I have the tray load and it works fine, my boss at work has the slot load and it works just as good.
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        I also have the pioneer slot-load drive. I love it! you can get them for about $100 if you shop around...try