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Possible? or am I asking too much

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  • Possible? or am I asking too much

    I'm attempting to revise the system and have one concern...

    The setup I'm onsidering changing to would leave me with USB dvd, harddrive and audio (Maybe Extigy?) all into a hub up in the front of my car w/ the PC in the trunk.

    Would i have any issues doing this? I've read in some previous posts that other M10000 owners had issues using Usb audio w/ usb cdroms.. and I kinda want all 3 on the same hub.

    How much of a perormance hit would i see..
    M10000 w/ laptop HD and 512MB (possibly considering upgrading to 1GB if it'll make a difference)


    Apolo V
    2002 DSM RSX-S
    Custom Car PC Re-design Pending Completion of fiberglassing dash and trunk

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    I haven't had any problems with almost that exact setup, though i have not played any DVDs. Just CDs (and burning) at the moment.

    Maybe somebody else has more to say...
    car computer rev 5: 8" lilliput and usual suspects