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Can't get picture on 6 inch lcd

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  • Can't get picture on 6 inch lcd

    I have the sharp 6 inch lcd from eio without the power supply built in. I created my own and got the back light to light up but i can't get any video to appear, just a blank white screen. I have pins 6,8,20 grounded, 10 with +5, 16 with -8 and 11 with the video in, and still i get no picture. My question is do the pins go 1-20 from left to right or right to left. I have it going from left to right. The only other thing is that my -8 is actually about -8.7 could this be why it doesn't work. Could some one please help me.

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    have you gotten yours to work yet?? it looks like i have run into the same problem as you and i was curious to see how you solved it. this screen is becoming a huge pain in my *** but i wont stop till i get it to work.



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      I figured out what was would make sense for the pins to go 1-20 from left to right but instead they go right to left and now i have a great lcd display.