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Just in case anyone is thinking of using a Latte PC...

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  • Just in case anyone is thinking of using a Latte PC...

    ...not that I see people talking about them a lot. (

    Well, I had one for one week. Built it all up, finally got the USB2 hubs, and boom - PC doesn't boot if a USB2 hub is connected to it! Won't get past POST. I work in computers so I tried a bunch of stuff - but no good. Pretty ridiculous really...But, the power story had already gotten convoluted also: I had a UPS (yes, it was working just fine!) connected to inverter. Plan was to have inverter wired to ignition, and UPS to door locks. Needed the UPS wired this way because even when PC was shut down, it would still power brick for Latte and eventually drain the UPS battery.

    Anyway - having grieved the loss of small form factor (I really was looking for P4 based system), I'm now going with a Shuttle in the trunk with an Opus...much much easier and predictable and a bit cheaper...but yeah, it's big. Oh well...can't have everything..

    So, just a caution to anyone considering the Latte and wanting to use many USB devices (it has 4 ports) and trying to achieve a nice power solution.

    That's all.