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For those of us with wireless IR keyboards...

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  • For those of us with wireless IR keyboards...

    what do you think of using one of these learning remote control suckers:

    It is relatively cheap compared to other "learnable LCD remotes" which are generally more than 170$ retail. Some other generic variations of this UCommand remote are as low as 95$.

    It has a very extensive spectrum of IR carrier frequencies(10khz-105khz), and It has a lot of devices, so if one program uses Up and Down as volumeup/volumedown, and your DVD player uses minus/plus and your radio card uses yet another set of keys, you can set different configs for different devices on the remote

    alrite peace and gime some feedback!
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    It looks cool, but you can do the same thing on any universal remote. For example, if you want to control the mp3player, just config it as "cable", and then the DVD player could be configured as "VCR".
    Its a cheaper solution


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      actually not quite. "Universal remotes" are pre-programmed and cannot be used aside from the devices that are listed on the back of the packaging. So actually a grand MAJORITY of the "universal" remotes out there cannot be used for our wireless keyboard uses... Unless you see one that has a "Wireless Keyboard" written down as one of the devices on the back of the packaging.

      "learnable" remotes are very difficult to come by and are very expensive. If someone can tell me how I can get "any" universal remote to work on my computer, then please share with me. (btw the cheaper remotes that are between 60$-80$ only have a limited amount of "learnable" keys... for example, the All-for-one producer lineup can only learn 48 keys even tho it has a potential many times more than that. 48 keys is suitable to emulate a keyboard, but it will get confusing when you have to press play to up the volume and backtrack to choose between menus. Same goes for Radioshack... out of their 20 somewhat keys, only 4 are learnable.)

      This remote is special in that the entire remote MUST be learned... thus no "pre-programmed" keys from VCRs you don't have and camcorders you don't use. Also, although the LCD is not dot matrix like a PalmPilot or a Philips Pronto, the keys each have three or four different display possibilities, allowing for a somewhat customizable display.

      And in case people are confused... I'm not talking about using this on an IRMan... I'm talking about those of us that have keyboards that are wireless... we can take the IR signals from the keyboard and feed it into the learning remote and use that remote to control things. This is simpler in that there are no drivers or plug-ins to onfigure (except to "plug in" the IR reciever to the keyboard port har har har), and we don't look like geeks by having a wireless keyboard on the passenger seat.
      Free entrance to heaven? WOW! I DUN BELIEVE! JC!


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        That's an interseting idea Phat... I have a remote that came with my Sony Receiver (home type) a few years ago that is completely "learnable". All of the keys on it except the master volume, & "device selectors" can be programmed by having it read the IR signal from another device. I don't know how much it would hold for each key though. I am guessing that it would not be able to handle long kb macros, but ya never know!

        You might try scrounging your local pawn shops for such an animal. If you email me I can get you a part number for the receiver/remote.

        kate at bootstrap dot net