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Mounting in foam

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  • Mounting in foam

    Hi, I've already done a search but it's not pulling up what i want.

    Just a quick question. I want to mount my 3.5" WD 80gig HD in the back armrest totally enclosed with foam. Would this create any problems (ie. heat, etc)?? Or do i need to leave it fairly open with adequate ventilation?

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    heat would consume it until it burst into a spinning disk of fire.
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      Originally posted by binary.h4x
      heat would consume it until it burst into a spinning disk of fire.
      Agreed, however you could enclose your hard drive w/ say an 80mm fan and enclose it in foam, however I would not put that in your headrest. I can just see you getting into a head on collision and the doctors pull the HDD platter out of the base of your skull!!! LOL
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        not that fun.
        if you have space enough to fit a cdrom drive in there, a harddrive mounted with air around it(and under) along with circulating air would work
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