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Sharp 10.4" Touchscreen LCD panel

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  • Sharp 10.4" Touchscreen LCD panel

    I just found some used 10.4 VGA 12v DC Touchscreen LCD panels for sale for about $300. They are the kind that accept a VGA cable and have the Analog to Digital converter built in. It also has a serial interface for the touchscreen. The seller says guaranteed satisfaction. it sounds really nice but I am a bit worried about it's relative brightness for using in my car.

    I am assuming that it is not an active matrix TFT LCD panel, but it does seem to have a good price and such.

    Two questions...
    1) How bright is the average Passive Matrix compared to its TFT counterpart. Would it be decent in a car?

    2) Does this sound like a good deal? seems to be much much more expensive.

    Thanks for the input.

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    can you hook me up with this too? where you buy it ?
    i need one


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      URL? PLEASE? gimme gimme gimme
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        I have work with LCDs for some time to know that Passive Matrix are lousy!! They don't like High or low temperature. That's why you only see adjustable contrast on DTSN screens. so when the screen is in different temperatures you could adjust the screen. As for in car use temperature can go up to 100F or below 30F, which will "kill" it.
        but it does sound like a good deal tho ..
        URL ??.. come out !!..

        check out my 8.4" LCD that was going into my car...

        E-mail me: [email protected] if any one need help or pin out of sharp LCDs.. (i have put alot of time into getting specification for them )

        once again......... Share your findings Cameron !!!!11 URL please !!! : )


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          toto4: i don't see no pictures?

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            OK sounds like it is a passive matrix display but for the price, I bought one. If I don't like it, I can find other uses or sell on ebay. Here is the link:


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              toto4 do you have a pin out or the datasheet for SHARP LCD screen(model number LQ9D023)?
              And do you know whats the difference between LQ9D011 and the LQ9D023?
              would CHIP 65535 controller run those LCD screen?



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                Does it matter? It has a VGA converter.


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                  For those who E-mail me for the Pin outs and
                  i fixed the pictures....

                  The pin out picture is at the bottom of the page.