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leaving 4x20 on 24/7

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  • leaving 4x20 on 24/7

    Will leaving my inverted LCD (Kinda like a LCD and VFD hybrid) all day and all night (its being used in a home setup) eventually mess up the LCD?? I've never seen an LCD like this so im pretty sure most people out there haven't. But, if anyone has any advice that'd be great.

    - JustAGuy

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    The only thing you have to worry about as far as i know, is the temprature.

    I see displays running 24/7 in factories and they dont seem to have any problems at all.

    So as long as your display dont overheat there shouldnt be to any problems with it


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      The only thing u will notice on a HOT summer day is the LCD turns BLACK (don't know about the VFD's) But thats just the ink inside the LCD. When powered up, within 1min it clears off. My LCD with the first box, worked fine for over 1yr before i sold it and built #2.

      I personally don't think leaving it all day/night will damage it in anyway.

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        It won't hurt it all as long as you are not giving it an over voltage. LCDs will run for many, many years continuously. Think: Digital watches, office printers, photocopiers, countless industrial machines, bank machines, etc....

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          I have a inverted LCD display. It is awesome. Looks just like a green VFD.
          Background is black. Words and Spectrum are Green. Vary sharp.


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            I found a 4x20 VFD on the net for $25 The VFD has the HD66712 instead of the HD44780. It takes the same commands as a normal LCD that uses the HD44780. The only problem it's having is with custom characters. Another nice feature is that the brightness is software controlled. I leave it on all the time and it looks great in night or day!
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              where do you guy buying the vfd and inverter lcd display ?
              it sound very cool to me so i want to get one and try it out


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                The Inverted LCD can be bought at for $15 dollars. I have one of those also and they are very sharp looking. Bright yellow-green characters on a semi-black background. I found the VFD from someone that bought too many and was trying to sell them off. VFD's handle extreme temperatures much better than LCD's.
                My current plans and progress on my install Here