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  • A few questions


    I have just recieved my 7" Lilli and I love it, however it now means I need to get off my arse and sorting out the computer.

    I think I'm gonna order the following and as I understand it, I connect the unswitched 12V (eg from an old head unit) to the ITPS then to the PSU as well as the switched 12V (eg from cigar lighter) so when ignition is on this causes the computer to turn on. However, will I be able to use the computer without the engine running? If this is the case will I be able to use the computer without the engine running if I bypass the Low Dropout (with a little solder bump). What are the risks to the Mobo and PSU of an unregulated 12V from the alternator/battery?

    Is it possible to set the ITPS to cause the computer to hibernate rather than shutdown on Ignition Off? Or is this a bios issue?

    I have a very old (the receipt says that my dad paid 70 for it on 19 Sept 1983) yet unused Pioneer GM-4 20W Stereo Amp that I want to use for the rear speakers. For its input it has a femail 8-pin DIN plug, where can I find suitible adapters or details of which pin is which? Also is it advisable to connect this to a regulated HDD power cable so it powers up with the computer? For the fronts I will probably buy a cheap 200W amp off eBay.

    As I understand it the M1000 Nemiah has 5.1 channel sound, does this mean it has 3 3.5mm output jacks?

    Can someone explain how and what I need to earth in all this setup? I gather that all amps and computers etc need to be earthed to the same bolt on the car. Does this mean I need to earth the case of the amps and the case for the computer and also the dvd drive which will be outside the computer case?

    Is there a schemeatic for the head unit connector, I have a mid-90s Sony, I want to find the cable that connects to the motorised aerial actuator so that i can trigger it if i install a radio card.

    Finally does anyone know of a good source of wood veneer in the UK?

    Sorry about this very long post, and thanks in advance if anyone can help!

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    I believe the board has 3 3.5mm jacks. You can configure them as the standard 2 channel output, mic, and line out. OR you can switch it up in the BIOS as the 5.1 surround.
    2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC