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    I used to think anyone that would go buy a 'older' computer to put in their vehicle to play music was crazy, but as of late, the idea has interested me very much. I know literally nothing about mp3cars and not too much about in dash hdd mp3 players and cd mp3 players. What would be the best deals out there?

    Get a computer and set it up? (I own a 2000 S-10 if it matters)

    Get a portable cd or hdd mp3 player and connect it to the factory cd player?

    Or what else? What are my options?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    I'm sick of the songs on the radio and cd's only have a certain amount of good songs on them. GD it, gimme my mp3s in car!


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    Lots of good ideas out there, just depends on your budget and if you have the time to build something from scratch. Here are a couple of links to get you on the mp3 craze wagon.


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      here are some sites that will get your creative juices flowing:

      and there are a gazillion more...from completely commercial like empeg, to serious home-brewed coolness, like the first two.

      I've got an S-10 Blazer - here's what I did... I put in a Chrysler/GM sized head unit (Pioneer P86-DHR) and got an adapter that gave me an aux input. I then picked up an old Pentium 133 laptop for $250 from a friend. I bought an adapter to run it off the car battery, and ran a power socket back to the trunk. I then got an IRMAN ( ) and a pocket sized remote to control it. After running a serial line and audio lines up to the dash, the installation was complete.

      Advice: if you run wires, make sure you make good connections...I had a wire nut come off in the middle of a trip at a really hard place to get to, and it ruined my party.