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    I was wondering how much noise you guys have while playing music inside your casr, that is due to the computer.

    I have been planning a build as soon as the weather permits.

    I just bought a 5.1 system for my ome computer and noticed that when I burn a CD I can here a pretty good amount of noise/interference coming through the speakers.

    I know I would be pretty disappointed in building a carputer and having the SQ be off.

    Now also keep in mind I am running onboard sound so that also might be cause for the noise.

    But just for reference purposes how many of you guys after building the system were kind of disappointed, or even infuriated with the SQ of the system? Any remedies? Did top-end sound cards make a difference?


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    Could you be more specific when you say noise? I can see a couple different sources you may be talking about.
    1. Burning a CD: I've burned CDs before where the data buffer was toast durring most of the burn. This created massive noise on the CD. It's possible that a similar thing happened, where the CD itself has the noise on it because of a poor burn.
    2. I'm sure sound quality is good in the car, although I can't attest to this personally because my inverter creates so much noise the setup I had was impossible and I've ordered an Opus. While the sound quality in your car will also depend on the components you've hooked the computer up to. If the quality wasn't good, some of these guys just wouldn't build these computers. I'm not an audiofile, but I like clean music, some of these guys don't listen to MP3s with a 128k bit rate because it's too low for them.


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      I don't think that half of the people here would have built and stuck to their mp3cars if it didn't sound good! I actually anticipated my system to not sound good; but I was going to fix it later on. However, on first go around I was shocked that it sounded far better than I had expected. The only major issue i have is the snr is a little high, but I'm sure that's more to do with my sound card (onboard crystal) than anything else. I think that most of my luck ended up having to do with the fact that my system sits on bare metal and is thus grounded to the car. I'm using an invertor, too, and its just a cheap-o Coleman(!) brand.