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    Has anyone tryed to use one of those protable cd player adapters in their car to get the sound from the comp to the radio? The adapter that looks like a tape on one side and has a mini sound jack on the other. If you have tell me what you think/thought. I would really like to know before I commit to that.


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    I don't use it because its tacky looking. But they sound ok.


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      its also probably the cheapest answer for the quality you get from it

      best way though would be to get a deck with a line in jack and put it straight into the circuitry


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        I'm not an expert on this matter, but here it goes:

        I'm using one of those adapters with my portable cd player in my car, and the sound, is good, well.. comparing that with the sound from the tuner, it's much better.
        One alternative is to buy an amplifier with a line in jack, i thinks it's cheaper than a whole unit, isn't it? This way you could wire the system without the problem of wires and adapters all over the place.
        Hope it helped in anyway.


        Pedro Alves


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          Thanks guys....