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Via Epia 800 Memory issues...

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  • Via Epia 800 Memory issues...

    Well, I recovered a Epia 800 that I had sold a year back. I had at one time tried a stick of 512mb pc133 and it reported it as a 256mb stick. So I took it out, found a 256mb and a 128mb stick. That was how I sold it. It reported correctly. Now, I got it back, and I want more memory I have 2 sticks of pc133 cl3 256mb. When I install them, bios shows both, but while booting it only "reports" 1 stick, and in XP it shows just 256mb (well, 248, you know what I mean) I would love to update Bios, but I understand flightdeck is gone, and no longer supported? and I cant use a floppy on this classic board. Plus, none of the updates I found say anything about fixing a memory issue. Any other thoughts? Is it the CL3 that is messing me up? Do i just need better quality stuff? Or should I just give up and be happy with 256 its just soooooooo slllllloooooooowwwwww. Thanks in advance!

    Btw, I did and until I and I was left
    2005 Ford Focus ST

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    Well, in case anyone else has this issue in the future, it appears that the chipset is Soooooo old (how old is it? lol) that 512ers arent recognised, and sometimes high density stuff isnt either. Although in reading I have seen no bios flashes that "say" they fix the problem, a post in the Via arena says it will and does correct the issue. to boot to dos with a non-usb (not supported) writable disk. Grrrr. I about Zip? can you use a zip like a floppy? never tried it, never seen one inside...i assume its a ide connector? Any ideas?
    2005 Ford Focus ST