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  • cheap dsp

    I'm looking for an inexpensive dsp to connect my spdif out from my M1000 to (5.1).

    Do you have any tips for me?
    What to look for?
    How much do I have to spend on it?

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    Someone has to know one dsp/preamp that I can use.

    I will have a spdif (RCA) cable to the trunk and there I want the DSP to give signals to my amps (1x4ways and 1x2way). Can I do this in another way (without using 5.1 analog out from M1000).

    The reason I don't wanna use the 5.1 onboard output is that when I activate it, I get alot of bugs and ****. Plus that I think the interference will be zero with digital out.


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      Do you think this will work?

      Another question about spdif. Can I change the volume from the computer or do i have to do it from the dsp?


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        Originally posted by storm
        Do you think this will work?

        Another question about spdif. Can I change the volume from the computer or do i have to do it from the dsp?

        1) will what work?

        2) I think it depends on the unit, my SB Extigy adjusts it's volume with the main volume of the computer.
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          Sorry I forgot the link


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            I have been researching this aswel. The only option that i have found (besides getting a sound card) was to actually purchase a seperate DSP unit. Panasonic makes one that you can pick up from ebay for a couple hundred bucks (retails for 3-5 hundred).

            Here is a link
            This one went for an insane price. I should have bought it. Anyways it takes in Optical (Toslink) so you need to get a Cable-->Toslink adapter. I have seen them on ebay for like 25 bucks.

            This is what i have planned on doing based on my research. If you find a better cheaper solution let me know.
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              Actually, IIRC, Toslink is SPDIF. Alpine also makes various processors that do similar things, the cheapest would I think be the PXA-H510 which has been replaced with newer models. Goes for roughly $250-300 on eBay.


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                Why wouldn't the creative work.
                It has all the features, is there something I'm missing.
                The problem I see is the power, I don't know if it's 12V input. And maybe that it doesn't autostart.
                The creative does only cost 120


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                  You may use an external sound adapter.
                  Both Creative Extigy and Audigy2 NX have spdif input and can work as a stand-alone unit.
                  Extigy, if I remember correctly, is 9V and Audigy 2 NX is 5V.
                  At any rate, both have USB interface, so it may be another alternative to on-board sound. Your system must be properly grounded, though.
                  I know that Extigy will turn on automatically, but not sure about Audigy 2 NX since I never tried it without USB.


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                    Has anyone tried the DDTS-100?

                    I think it seems perfect for my pourpous, but i just have to know if it's 12V and if it has "autostart". I will email Creative about this.
                    Can anyone tell me if there are some other cons with this unit. So I don't buy one I can't use.


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                      Wow... Good find (although it is from creative ) Post what you find out becasue i am interested and will be researching surround sound functionality soon (I have to get my screen installed first).

                      Also what speakers do you plan on using and where do you plan oin mounting the center chanel?
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                        I already have a badass speaker setup in my car.
                        2x10" sub
                        rockford 6x9" rear
                        original 4x6" front (this is my weak point)

                        Velocity 4 channel amplifier
                        Rockford 2 channel amplifier

                        I will connect the outputs from the ddts to my amps.
                        I have not thougt about the center channel, but i think I'll wait with that.

                        Here is a test of the ddts-100

                        they like it!


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                          I talked to Creative today.
                          They told me that the DDTS 100 is 16V AC!!!
                          It wasn't autsostart either.

                          So now I have to think of something else.

                          If i go with a Audigy 2 NX I have to get 5v DC, do you think the ITPS is enough?

                          Please give me advice!!
                          The 5.1 onboard EPIA M1000 is to buggy and has a lot of interference in my car.


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                            Thats too bad, That creative product looked promising. Anyways i was looking at the Audigy but the problem is that it is USB. And will chew through the 1ghz Nehamia processor. Thats why you should either go for the PCI version or an external DSP.

                            Atleast this was the conclusion that i was faced with after researching it on this forum. To tell you the truth i would rather just purchase the audigy and call it day. It is only 100 bucks or so as oposed to the 300 bucks for the external digital signal processor.

                            I am going to go
                            -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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                              I think that the extigy has it's own processor, so it doesn't take so much cpu from the computer.
                              I've heard you can use it as a stand alone DSP.
                              but it's a little bit to expensive I think.

                              I think it's strange it's so expensive with DSP. You can buy a complete surround amplifier with integrated DSP and input SPDIF for home theatre for 120. Why can't they build a DSP for 50?