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Another power good question (Sorry)

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  • Another power good question (Sorry)

    I was flipping through my motherboard manual and I discovered that it does need a power good signal. I was planning on purchasing the Arise ACE-865V and my question is...does this supply the power good signal? If not, how exactly do I supply it? Keep in mind that when it comes to electronics I'm VERY ignorant. Thanks a lot.

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    The power good signal is simply +5v. The power supply applies +5v to this pin once the supply voltages have stabalized. All you need to do if your new ACE-865V doesn't have a power good signal (if it is ment to supply an AT or ATX standard Mobo then it will have PG output) is link one of the +5v pins on your mobo to the PG pin.



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      Hey, thanks a lot. I really appriciate you guys helping me with my ignorant problems.