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Newbie asks ? Laptop based carputer vs desktop pc based carputer

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  • Newbie asks ? Laptop based carputer vs desktop pc based carputer

    Hiya all

    I am busy planning my carputer for install in my impreza.

    And I need to know your view point on using either a laptop as a base for the carputer or a desktop pc ? (apart from the obvious upgradeability and ease of fault finding issues)

    What are the advantages and disadvantages ?

    I intend to mount the laptop based one under the passenger seat, and run USB and VGA to the centre console, if a desktop pc, it will live in an old CD shuttle case in the boot. My concern with the boot is my system will have two 12inch sub woofers installed as well, how do hard drives hold up to that ?

    What other issues are there ?

    The basic specs will be, lots of USB2 ports, liliputt screen, 256MB ram or better, 32MB VGA or better, 2GHZ speed or better, at least two hdd and a slot load dvd to mount in the dash below the screen all these peripherals will work on either the desktop or laptop, I need to make sure my foundation is "firm" the laptop will be one that has a faulty screen or damaged external case, the desktop will be a new one.

    Apps will be delta dash, MP3, windvd, garmin gps, d link usb radio, external usb sound, 802.x networking, maybe some cell phone blue tooth integration, and media car or media engine

    Sorry if the answer is obvious, I am a "newbie"


    Nano ITX / 512 MB / 60 GB / Panasonic slot load / M1-ATX / Bu303 / Sound blaster 24 / PPi amps / rockford sub

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      You may want to check under your seats first. My buddy has a WRX, and there is a large bump under both front seats that is where a frame member runs under the car.

      The down side is that most stuff won't fit under the seats with that bump there.


      P.S. Laptop vs. Desktop is a big question. It depends on many factors, including how much money you can spend, and how many parts you have already that you want to use. The obvious BIG difference is size. Do you even have room for a desktop system?
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