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Ultra Low Profile Memory "wheres it at"

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  • Ultra Low Profile Memory "wheres it at"

    Does anyone know where to get ultra low profile memory (0.80") other then case outlet or Logic supply. Hell, even a distributor would be cool. There is no place out there that I can find that carries it. If I can't find it then it must not be too easy to come across hence why Logic Supply jacks there price up on it. I think people that need this type of memory (casetronic 134 requires it) should have more then one or two options on where to purchase it. If it was more easily accesible you sure would see logic supply and case outlet dropping there prices. So if anyone knows a supplier/distributor/reseller please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

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    0.8" Super Slim Memory

    I know that this post is late, but this is for all of the "other" people out there that want to know where to get the super slim 0.8" memory.

    Logic Supply [Dot] Com

    Logic Supply has a ton of Car PC and Mini ITX stuff!