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  • Who has the slowest hardware

    OK in the process of buliding my system, I have figured out (as I have on several other ocassions), I am very, very frugal. I am attemping to put together a system that will handle MP3, GPS, and DVD, using the most minimal hardware that I can scrape together from my computer grave yard. Most of the systems on this board are flat out awesome, but many are pretty expensive. I doubt that I am alone on this, so I'm asking, who has the most minimal setup (hardware wise), utilizing it for more than just playing MP3's. Right now I'm beta testing an old Thinkpad laptop 150MHZ MMX, with 64MB ram, running DVD via a DVD-to-Go card and pcmcia DVD player, with a 20 gig HD with GPS, DIVX,mp3, etc. I purchased the DVD-to-go and DVD rom drive for $35 on ebay , thinking that it couldn't even come close to playing DVD's smoothly. Well I was flat out wrong, they play flawlessly on this system. Can anyone out there beat this setup?

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    166mhz will work as long as your ram is around 256. with 64, you might as well burn it.
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    Wow.. how things have changed in 4 years. Gone are the days of mcgyver and datalux


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      It works as is.

      CDM, I have the system loaded and it plays DVD's flawlessly. I just watch Daddy Daycare, straigh through without any skips, freezes, pauses, etc. The only down side to this system is that the screen is DSTN, which sucks for DVD's. This maynot be a problem though, as this screen will be up front and only needs to be viewable for GPS and overall system control. Using the Dongle that comes with the DVD-to_GO, I will feed the video signal to 2 5" LCD's, in the rear seats. I really can't believe that DVD's play so smooth using this card. I also have a Toshiba Portege 650 w/ a 20gig HD and 80megs of memory that I will try to test. It's a little smaller than the thinkpad and the screen is TFT not DTSN so that's definitely a plus.


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        64 megabytes is certainly enough if you don't insist on running microsoft's latest bloated piece of crap.