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  • CD & Shielding Concerns...

    Hi, I'm in the process of conceptualizing everything and getting together my bill of materials for my first project into creating a carputer. I've already got a decade of Xperience in building PC's, but as others have already said, the rules of the game R a lil different here. Here's my Q's:

    1.) I want 2 have a Slim DVD/CD-RW in my dash & have my PC located in the trunk. I'm thinking using a Laptop to IDE Adapter as well as an IDE to USB Adapter. I would have 2x USB hubs in the center console, one burried & one built into 4 use. I would plug the drive (as well as a coup other peripherals) in2 the burried hub. My question is: the DVD Audio is transferred as data accross the ribbon/USB cable, but what about CD Audio? It's my understanding U need either the 3/4pin analog or 2pin digital (usually grey) audio connector 2 run from the drive 2 the sound card. Is this so? What would U peeps do 4 CD Audio in this if not?

    2.) I plan on having a 15" Sub & 2x ~1000 Watt Amps in a false floor, built-in enclosure in the trunk. My concern is the speaker's magnet and amps interfering w/ the PC. While I intend to mount them as far apart as possible, the fact remains I'd like them all in the trunk & can only place them so far. What would U do 2 help shield the boxes as U would w/ home audio equipment, outside of mayB bolting up some lead panelling in2 the inside of the box, LMAO.

    I have a 2GNT '99 Mitsubishi Eclipse, nice big trunk

    Tentative Hardware I'm looking @ so far, right now ~$3k worth:

    Asus P4R800-VM
    Intel Pentium IV 2.8GHz w/ 800MHz FSB
    1U Server Low-Profile Heatsink & Fan
    OCZ 2x256MB PC3500 (DDR433) Dual-Channel DDR
    Opus 150 Watt ATX DC-DC Power Supply
    1x 32bit PCI Riser
    Linksys Dual-Band Wireless A+G PCI NIC (WMP55AG)
    Panasonic Slim DVD/CD-RW (Slotted)
    Xenarc 700TSV 7" Touch Screen
    TV/FM Tuner
    Griffin PowerMate Knob

    Media Engine 2.x
    Deluo or EarthMate GPS Receiver (8-12 Channel)
    Destinator 3 (Requires Activation) GPS Software

    15" Eclipse SW8152DVC 1000/500 Watt RMS (4 Ohms) Subwoofer
    6.5" JBL GTO626 (2-Way) 300/100 Watt RMS (4 Ohms)
    6x9" JBL GTO926 (2-Way) 300/100 Watt RMS (4 Ohms)
    Rockford Fostgate Power 1001bd (1x 500 Watt RMS @ 4 Ohms) Amplifier
    Rockford Fostgate Power 851x (4x 100 Watt RMS @ 4 Ohms) Amplifier
    Rockford Fostgate CPCD10b Capacitor
    Fiberglass & MDF/Composite Enclosure
    B-Quiet Brown Bread Sound Dampening

    Thanx guys!
    > TheShniz

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    The CD audio is digitally transmitted. The audio cable is for old-school playback.

    I suggest you add SB Audigy 2 NX to your list.


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      HMmmmmmmmmmm, never knew that... always thought it a requirement for transferring CD Audio. I knew the DVD Audio used the ribbon cable. I 2 am a big proponent of SB Audigy 2's instead of onboard & will most likely use it. I plan on building the system in stages, that will B after all the rest is functional. I've gotta Audigy 2 ZS & surround speaks in my home PC & I can attest that it is superior 2 onboard!!!!!!!!!!!

      Any help on the Shielding of the Sound System?!?!?

      > TheShniz


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        ^^^ Bumpity ^^^

        Need help on shielding Sub & Amps pleaazzzzzzzzzz

        > TheShniz