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  • Reccommendations?

    well... i bought a motherboard and cpu from frys for no reason at all. the duron + ecs mobo deal.. for 40 bucks. i have no need of a second computer, but i bought a mobo anyway. i have everything else needed to make it work, but A: no place to put it, and B: no reason to have it.

    Now, i also have a VIA EPIA mobo (533 mhz) that i was going to use to go in my car. it's gonna be an mp3 car-puter, as soon as i got a case put together for it (i dont know how i'm gonna mount a hard drive).

    Now, i bought the mini-itx mobo awhile ago, it works fully, and i also bought RAM that wont work in any other comp in the house. (it seems i know have an abundance of SD-RAM (kingston and crucial, no less).

    I am not satisfied with the performance of the mini-itx mobo, and i cant fit a full ATX mobo inside the car anywhere. so i have the option of selling both, using the duron in a mini-atx mobo. but that leaves me with having to buy new RAM, or using an unstable chipset w/ SD-RAM. so i dont know where to go from here.

    suggestions? think i could make back investment on the mobo's + RAM?

    the via mobo cost me 70 dollars shipped from germany. the Ram cost me 25 shipped (2x128 kingston). I also have 2x256 crucial from my brother's computer that just got retired. (p3 1 ghz, dell)

    So.. anyone have any suggestions on mobo's.. RAM, deals, anything? Oh, i need the mobo to have onboard video, because AGP riser slots are fricking expensive, and i cant fit a video card in a car.

    i found this mobo at newegg. looks like it'd be what i need. if i decide to go with this... how much you think my stuff would go for? the mini-itx mobo goes for 100 bucks + at newegg, i think. and the atx board goes for i dont know how much...