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  • Heres my problem~~~~~~

    I am having trouble with my hard drives, i think. I drive a 1993 Honda Accord EX. The trunk is pretty small now with all the toys. My subwoofer I believe is the problem. Each attempt at driving around has crashed the hard drives, and caused some serious physical damage to the drive sectors. I think i need to increase the distance of the computer and the subwoofers. My hard drive is a brand new Quatum Fireball, with Shock Protection II. So I now that it can work under shock. But subs create constant vibrations. Also it could be the heat, which could easily be fixed with a few fans and what not. Basically any help or suggestions would be great. I would like to get this computer working, I might break down and purchase a labtop and mount it in the front. Money is no problem. Thanks for any help.


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    I don't think that sub is the problem, but the hard-drive.Although your hard-drive has shock-resistance you should install it with springs and rubber,like i did.It is totally protect against all types of vibrations and shocks.The main reason of hard-drive destructions is the road bumps.Even the most powerful sub's vibration is less than road bumps jumps.
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      For hard drive protection you may want to consider installing one of those hard drive caddies. You can pick them up for about $15. The primary purpose of the caddy is to allow you to quickly pop the drive out and insert it into another computer. But an added benefit is shock protection. The HD simply sits in the caddy. It's not secured in the caddy with screws, so it has limited freedom of movement. You can even put a bit of padding in the bottom of the caddy for the HD to rest on.

      It also provides an easy way to transfer MP3s to your car box. Simply pull the caddy out of the car computer, put it in your home computer and start copying files. Of course, you'll need one for your home computer (put it in an empty bay) as well in order to do file transfer.


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        How is your hard drive mounted?? you should mount it sideways so that physical damage is minimized. I agree with the HD caddy. I got a 97 civic and it's lowered and the suspensions are really hard. so basically every bump in the road makes my car "jump". I been running my box in the car for about 1 month at least without a problem and i drive around a LOT. I also have a 10" woofer in the trunk and that hasn't caused any problems so far.
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          You have you HD mounted sideways?
          I haven't installed my player yet but had heard from other sites that the HD should be mounted flat or paralel with the ground so the HD arm dosen't get moved around from all the bumps. Is there really a right or wrong way?

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            My hard drive is mounted horizontially in the hard drive bay, underneath the floppy drive. It is screwed into a case which rests on a 5" egg cart pad. This pad is wedged between the right side wall of the truck and the right side of the sub box (contains 2 10" JL audio W0's). I have blown up 2 hard drives now. I am going to try the hard drive caddy and alot of padding and spring support. Does anyone know how to build a really awesome support system? New idea: Buy labtop, mount in front of car, build docking port with extra external hard drive in car, hookup with cables, have DVD drive in labtop and watch movies.... I drive around alot in Montana... Not much to do, and the roads are kinda ****y. There is no highways in our city... I drive a Honda Accord Manual. So i drive really fast, lots of bumps. I need a real solution to this hard drive problem. Thanks.


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              I have my HD mounted on its side right under my wall of 6 12" AudioBahns. Even when I pound it, it has no problem. The CDrom on the other hand goes a bit bezerk trying to play audio CD's. MP3 CD's work fine though.
              I am waiting for a caddie though so I can mount it in the center console for better access.