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  • Mounting

    Well you guys helped me from my last post and i got a TFT Active matrix 10.4inch touch screen..
    Problem is mounting it.. I have a Chrysler cirrus (if you dont know what that is its like a dodge stratus) ((small!))

    Im looking for some sort of arm that will aloow me to move the screen arround.. i mean if there is no passenger to put it where there feet go, and if there is allow me to swing the screen infront of the head unit and such.. basicly im wondering if anyone who has such a large sceen has some pics or soem ideas on how to make my dream come true


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    There is a thingie call the Ram mount (or Ram ball) It is a big ball in a clamp. They come in a variety of sizes etc. I don't have a link, but I know a few companies sell them.

    They are not cheap...there are other items like that available...I think it was discussed on this BBS.

    current projects


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      I think this is the link


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        I just posted this to another message, but I use a 2 foot flexible gooseneck type arm for my lcd, and a shorter one for my keyboard.

        Im selling the arm for 35.00 , cuz I think its a good price, and it was hard to find.

        I got pics at :
        Techonlogy on Wheels