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standby power drain problem

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  • standby power drain problem

    tossing around the problem regarding the computer staying in standy while the car is off
    it seems to be no problem if you drive your car every 1-2 days but at times i dont drive my car for longer than that

    i thought maybe i could rely on my opus psu to release power to the system once the battery dipped below 11v but i talked to someone from opus and they stated that this feature only works when the computer is in the on state
    very dissapointing

    any ideas regarding this problem?

    i could just turn off the computer but..meh
    2004 G35 Coupe project

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    Hibranate instead of stand-by? Worth a shot.


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      I think if you don't drive your car for long periods of time, you should give up on the hope of using standby. As neutral said, hibernate is a good alternative.

      You could also try some type of standalone low-voltage cutoff connected in series before the Opus, but you will have to sit through a longer full bootup whenever it gets tripped.

      edit: I just noticed where you live aoLhaTer, and I am jealous! MB is one of my favorite places in the world!


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        hibernate takes just about as long to come up as powering down and up does

        i wish opus put in functionality to preserve battery even when the comp was in standby

        and ya, manhattan beach owns
        2004 G35 Coupe project