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Harddrive protection?

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  • Harddrive protection?

    Can anyone give me some good advice on protecting my harddrive from the bumps in the road? Ive got it turned purpendicular to my truck to prevent crashing, and I got some foam under my computer, but it still stops sometimes, and I have to reboot. Any ideas, diagrams, or links to sites yall can send me? If you could please reply by email... Thanks again...

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    Can you actually HEAR your drive from your seat? When a drive gets nailed pretty bad, you can hear it spin down and back up again.

    If the drive isn't making any noises, it's possible it's a bad connection elsewhere. In fact, I once had a power supply that lost power occasionally on a bump.

    I also had a bad power connector on a hard drive though... and THAT was hard to fix, as I was SURE it was the drive crapping out due to vibration. I was wrong though, a touch more solder on the connections and it worked fine from then on...

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      The computer stops or the hard drive stops?