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  • Motherboards

    What kinda motherboard do you all suggest?
    I need something with a small footprint( It will be placed in my console betwwen bucket seats ) at least two PCI slots ( One for video and one for audic cards ) and prefer an onboard LAN card( not definite ). MATX or ATX form factor is preferred.

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    I found a great motherboard while doing my usual search for cheap hardware:

    The positives:
    lpx form factor which is around 8.5"x11"
    onboard sound, video, and 10/100 lan
    motherboard has no slots, but comes with a riser card with 2 pci and 1 isa
    only $45 bux

    the negatives:
    they say it's a new pull, and it only has a 90 day warranty

    I bought a motherboard and memory for my brother-in-law's computer from these people last year and it worked fine. they tend to have the best deals on mboards and dvd drives, but have less then the best deals for the other components.