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Anyone use the Streamzap remote?

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  • Anyone use the Streamzap remote?

    So I'm thinking about getting a remote for my car, it would make life much easier then using a powermate. Has anyone used the Streamzap PC remote before, and do you reccomdend it? If not, What would you reccomend for a remote?

    A serial remote would be easiest to install (I have a free serial port open), But USB should work too, provided it doesn't need power, as my only free USB ports are on an unpowered hub.

    I think I'd like to use a wired remote, I don't really have anywhere to mount an IR or RF recever.
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    Read about my adventures with this remote here:

    After some searching, there does appear to be a Girder profile for the Streamzap, but I haven't experimented with it much. It's a great remote, but you have to put in a little extra work to get it to work in MediaCar or Media Engine. It works perfectly in just about all other multimedia apps, check the list:

    Girder plugin here:


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      I have the streamzap remote, but the AIM remote wonder is better.


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        I use, and recommend, the IRman. With it, you can use any IR remote you want, including Pioneer steering wheel remotes like mine.