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  • P4-itx BIOS

    First let me thank you all for the all the usefull information I got from this site. I just finished building my carputer with an insight P4-ITX, Travla C138 and a Lilliput touch screen, GPS, DVD, Media-Car, etc... Quite happy with the setup except that once in a while the system just would not boot (does not POST) before 4-5 tries, sometimes more. Once it boots everything works normally.
    I understand there is an issue between the 120 W PSU that Travla uses and certain MBs including the P4-ITX, something to do with a "power good signal being too fast for the DC-DC converter".
    Travla says that VIA is working on the issue, VIA does not really support the board directly, and Insight people have no clue.
    Long story short, I think there is a BIOS update for the board that should solve this issue, Insight has a link on it's support page for it, unfortunately, the link is pointing to the wrong file.
    I looked all over the Internet for this update but had no luck, if anyone knows where to find the new BIOS I will be very appreciative

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    Did u solve the Problem?

    ive got the same