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My LCD is Dead

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  • My LCD is Dead

    I have , or better had a 4x40 parallel LCD screen. It worked perfectly till the day came to install it in the car. Now its dead. The only thing it does is this : when I turn the contrast knob (pot.) , 60% of the screen turns dark , then fades away, and if I turn it all the way to the other direction , the same thing happens



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    Weird, i have had pretty much the same problem. To my frustration when i then take it in house it works again ...

    You have off course like my self tripple checked the soldering points etc several times....

    I wish i knew what causes this problem but i have been unable to figure this one out. (i have even tried to rewire the damn thing).

    Unfortunately it seems that i after messing around with this gizmo for several months made a mistake, i let it run with full brightness and max contrast for just a little bit to long and it just ran to hot ... and semi fried the display ... so know i have blank stripes in the display ... and i have started to look for a real lcd screen