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CarPuter, the third Installation

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  • CarPuter, the third Installation

    It WILL be completed this time.

    I finally decided to do away with the mini-itx motherboard, because i was significantly unsatisfied with the performance on it. now, i am using a MSI K7 motherboard (with a via 266 chipset.. that somehow accepts both SDRAM and DDR). i couldnt use the nforce2 one because unfortunately, i needed the SDRAM ability. the processor i'm using is a duron 1.8 ghz... WAAY overkill for a car-puter, i know, but i got power to spare.

    this is going to be the ending configuration for the main hardware, hopefully. from here out, it's just peripherals. I am still using the audigy w/ pci extender i bought off tm37 (even though those standoffs you stripped the screw heads on were a ***** to get out)

    I sold the mini-itx board, and the old SDRam... but i had 512 spare from my brother's retired computer, so now my car-puter has half a gig of Ram, lol.

    I eventually will be investing in a lilliput 7" touchscreen LCD... as soon as i get the car i want. i'll be knocking out the double din slot and installing it there, and running line level inputs from the sound card to the amp. (no head unit...not even for radio). about this time, i'll also add a slot loading dvd drive (or maybe just a laptop drive) to the car, and be able to play dvd's.

    Via ProSavageDDR... lol. what a graphics chip

    I went to my high school shop teacher today as well... asked him for permission to use the shop. i got permission.'s really funny how nice they are to you when you come back after having graduated.

    Anyway, i'm going to be making the case out of oak, with acrylic inlays. i'm going to be using an ebony stain, as i think it would probably look best with the inlays.

    the final dimensions are 16.5 inches x 12.25 inches x 3.5 inches. these are firm, fixed, set in stone. all the fans will be mounted on one side, the top side. they will all have some sort of filter on them to prevent crap getting sucked in. it will have 1 80 mm intake fan, 1 80 mm exit fan, 1 psu intake fan, and 1 cpu intake fan. all fans will pull/push air outsise. air from the psu never mixes with air from the rest of the case.

    XP pro has been installed, but i am out of activations, so i either need to get a new cd key, or call microsoft. i think i'll get a new cd key. my school gives XP pro out free to CS students, so i'll pick up a copy tomorrow.

    it WILL get completed this time... grrrrrrr.....

    In other news, the good news (or bad news, depending) is that my carputer is now worth as much as my car.

    Oh, one other thing. I name all my computers, and i put a lot of thought into their names.

    I havent yet finished naming this one... temporarily, i assigned it the name MFP-Nightrider, but that cant stick. (nightrider wasnt on the MFP.. he was adverserial to it.) So, i gotta do something that goes with Mad Max (one of my favorite movies), but i'm having trouble figuring out what.

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    nice pics of a dns error