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Multiple drive USB or firewire enclosures?

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  • Multiple drive USB or firewire enclosures?

    So I have a collection of IDE drives I want access to pretty much every time i use a computer. My laptop has finally been completely repaired by HP, and I love it... but now I want to be able to bring my essentials with me.

    So, I'm looking for a firewire --> IDE, or a usb --> IDE converter that will support atleast two IDE devices. I'm tempted to build my own case because I'm housing:

    slim DVD-R, etc drive
    120GB harddrive (I have 250+, but i don't want to deal with 125-128+ 48ldb crap)

    If possible I'd like to cram:
    slim DVD-R
    Slim DVD
    120GB harddrive
    card reader

    same questions any which way you cut it. Anybody see this stuff? I used to have a connection in VST technologies (before smartdisc bought them), and they made such a firewire device. I haven't been able to find it or anything close anywhere though!

    Help/sleepless in boston,
    car computer rev 5: 8" lilliput and usual suspects

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    I just got a USB2 external kit. It works great, but the IDE cable inside of it only had connectors for one drive. So I slapped a two drive cable in the setup, and put a master and slave on the channel. Fired up WinXP, and no luck.

    It only recognized the master. Bummer. Just for reference, I got this unit from I don't know it's make or model number, but it's the one that sells for $29.50 for the retail package.
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        This is slightly off-topic here, but I saw the thread and it reminded me that I had seen it. Thought you guys might want to drop the cash on one and be the first on the block to own one. Maybe two if you REALLY have a lot of music.
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